Here We Go

Over the years the Super Bowl has evolved into much more than just an athletic event. Now some folks don’t even watch to see who wins, they watch to see the newest outrageous commercials that companies sometimes work years to produce. Most campaigns take the comedic approach, sometimes with outlandish scenarios, such as Doritos’ commercial from the 2011 game centering around a man so obsessed with the chip that he rips another mans pants off to lick the cheese. The commercial definitely got the laughs and grabbed viewer’s attention, I was cackling along with all my friends, but it doesn’t steal my #1 spot for favorite Super Bowl commercial. For me, the winner is Bud Light’s “Here We Go” campaign from 2012. The commercial that aired not only had me cracking up but also encompassed a philanthropic purpose and heartwarming message. Bud Light definitely did their research to see how best to connect to viewers. Lately on YouTube dog videos have been all the rage. I feel this had a huge impact on Bud Light’s decision to sport the message “help rescue dogs”, which as a dog lover, caught my attention and immediately gained my support.  I love that instead of just striving to come up with the most outrageous campaign to get laughs, Bud Light found a way to emotionally connect to consumers while spreading an important message and making it fun to watch. The “Here We Go” commercial is not only my favorite Super Bowl ad but also one of my favorite campaigns overall. So, help rescue dogs!!