Social Media knows no bounds!

Anyone remember writing fan mail? Which then turned into fan email? Which then turned into Myspace and Facebook stalking all the way to being able to actually tweet and speak virtually to these body guarded secluded island hiding people?! Our world has turned digital and social media really knows no bounds! Celebs have been using social media to chat about their daily lives and promote themselves but now even can have a huge advertising impact for companies and brands by even just tweeting once! I recently read the article “How Social Media and Snoop Dogg Helped A Fledging NBA Team”. The article is great insight on how social media is changing the marketing world in all aspects, focusing specifically on how beneficial snapping, chatting, and tweeting can be for sports marketing. Gaining a fan base can be difficult, but there are now more outlets than ever that provide unique and interesting ways to saturate consumers. Hit them with a quick instagram photo (such as the one of Snoop Dogg) that makes them curious, even for a second, and you’ve made a huge impact.